MCSE Plastic cable channel

Type: MCSE 1, MCSE 2, MCSE 3

Standard: MSZ EN 50085-1:1998, MSZ EN 50085-2-1:1998,CEI IEC 1084-1:1991-6, CEI IEC 1084-1-1:1993-10

Application field: Applicable according to the Construction Standard No.: MSZ 1600 to protect insulated electric cables from high mechanical stress in such wooden construction, where electric circuital cables cannot be build in either at the prefabrication nor afterwards.

Useful: First of all they are useful in industrial buildings, but in living houses, office buildings as well, where rooms are dry, not corrosive vaporous and dusty, classified in inflammable risk for at most “D”. Cable channels are useful between -5 and +60 °C protect from direct sunshine. They are not suitable for protection from spurting water.

Cable channel consists of a bottom and a cover. The junction of the two parts is made possible by the flexibility of the material and by the suitable shaping of the parts. This channel has weather-proof quality, does not need colouring or maintenance.

The base part of the bottom of types MCSE 2 and MCSE 3 are perforated in every 150 mm to make easy the assembling.

A cable clamp is available for types of MCSE 2 and MCSE 3.

Material: rigid PVC for electrical use

Colour: white

Execution: in 2 metres long bundles, type of MCSE 1 is bundled 50 pc/bd, type of MCSE 2 is bundled in 25 pc/bd, type of MCSE 3 is bundled 10 pc/bd, bottom and cover are compact.

Raw material: Hard PVC – for electrical use

Tensile strengthMPamin.45
Elongation at break%min.20

Strength properties:

Mechanical capacity:

TypeMaximum capacity (with cables)
MCSE-10,09 kg/m
MCSE-20,35 kg/m
MCSE-30,74 kg/m

Impact resistance by assembling and application: the effect of impact energy of 0,5 J cause no breaks or cracks.

Thermal properties:

Storing, constructing and applicable range of temperature is between -5 °C – and +60 °C.

Flame proofing: It does not spread the flame

Electrical properties

It has electrical insulation property and it does not generate electrical conductivity.

Protection against external actions: IP30.

Resistance against penetration of solid objects: IP3X

Water-proofing: IPX0

Parts of cables under electric tension in the channel (in joined position) cannot be touched.

Protection against corrosive and pollutant materials: The material of the channel is corrosion-proof, but in inside there is no protection against corrosion.

Joining of the cover: The cover can be removed without any instruments

Adequacy statement of production: “CE”- applicable: 5/98 VSZM Kft. according to government decree No. 208/1999 and 79/1997 IKIM

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