Company history

The operation of the company founded in 1883 under the name Perci and Schacherer for the production of insulated wires for the electrical industry has seen several significant stages of development during the last 138 years.

In addition to cable production

  • 1920 – 1945 is the period of introduction of basic plastic processing technologies (production of rubber and vinyl raw materials, pressing, injection molding, tool production)
  • 1945-1964 was a period of great development growth (production increased 25 times in 18 years). The company operating under the name Kábel és Műanyaggyár was the largest plastic processing company in the country.
  • the period between 1964-1990 is characterized by profile sharing between the company’s new locations, capacity expansion, intensive product development and technology modernization.
    • The company’s new name is Electric Insulation and Plastic Factory – with the central factory in Budapest and two large rural locations. The sites had independent technologies.
    • Budapest: production and processing of electrical industrial plywood, extruded plastic protective pipes, cable ducts, raw material production and processing of hard rubber, production of shrink tubes by electron beam cross-linking of polyethylene and tool production serving all the company’s technologies
    • Kiskunfélegyháza: processing of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials by pressing and injection molding
    • Kisvárda: production of friction materials and products (brake pads, clutch discs)
  • the period between 1990-2015 is a period of privatization, economic consolidation, and adaptation. The three locations operate as independent businesses. The legal successor is Villamosszigetelő és Műanyaggyár Kft., which continues to operate at the Budapest site. After the privatization, after the five technologies operating at the site, only the production of extruded electrical insulation and construction products, pipes for building engineering purposes and high-voltage support insulators made of epoxy resin remained. Economic consolidation was aided by several significant product and technological changes: the development of pipes and production technologies used for building heating networks, the introduction of products and production technology used for the thermal insulation of buildings, the development of the production of extruded components for IT cables and the development of a new quality-level line duct family (construction that can only be opened with a tool).

From 2017, a new phase of development began at VSZM Kft

At the Budapest site, due to worn out, outdated buildings and outdated infrastructure, it was not possible to further develop and ensure economical operation. The company decided to change its location and moved to Siófok.

The main features of the new development stage:

  • site change and the creation of technological conditions: renovation of buildings, conversion of water and energy supply
  • modernization of the production of electrical assembly products and IT cable components by setting up new extruder lines,
  • expanding the selection of the electrical installation product group by developing modern, halogen-free flame retardant products and their production technology.
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