Quality policy

The management of VSZM Kft. formulates its commitment as follows:

  • With its products and activities, Electricity Insulation and Electrical Insulation Kft. continues to be a well-known representative of the plastics processing industry
  • the dominant supplier of the electricity and construction industry
  • wants to remain a significant factor in its environment

Quality philosophy

  • Retention and continuous enhancement of acquired knowledge and positive values
  • The design, production and sale of products that serve the interests of the interested parties – customers and VSZM – and the constant improvement of quality
  • Strengthening mutual trust and cooperative skills among members of VSZM as a community, coordinated enforcement of owner, employee and environmental interests.

Quality policy

We build and operate a quality management system whose main principle is customer-centricity, i.e. we take care of getting to know, formulating and fulfilling customer needs, and measuring customer satisfaction. This applies to both external and internal customers.

  • The management of the organization committed to quality realizes an organizational culture and creates an environment in which people are fully involved in achieving the organization’s goals.
  • The management prioritizes the processes that stimulate the organization’s business development and, to this end, enables the utilization of people’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and behavior in solving quality problems for the benefit of the organization.
  • We develop and manage our quality management system from processes in which the responsibilities of managers and employees are defined; securing and managing resources; the activities of providing products and services; measurement, analysis and development of results.
  • We ensure that the processes of the quality management system are systematically connected in order to achieve the goals.
  • We are constantly improving the properties and characteristics of our products and services, as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of quality management processes.
  • By developing our organization’s capacity for partner relations, we build relationships with suppliers and other organizations that help increase our values ​​based on their flexibility and capabilities.
  • An integral part of our quality management system and activities is the collection and analysis of data and information to make effective decisions.


Isonal ducts and accessories

Rigid and MüV certificates

Nooxypipe VPE certificates

PE-RT certificates

floor heating pipe

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