Hot water and heating pipes

KPE Pressure pipeline for portable water supply

Type:: KPE P6, P10
Standard: MSZ 7908/1 Application field: Pipes are applicable for potable water supply as pressure pipes. They can be laid in ground ditches and can be fitted together with other pipes – if they are available a statement of application from Hungarian Water Conservancy – with quick binding fittings. Pipes can be welded with other pipes or fitting parts, if the manufacturer can certify the compatibility of the pipes and fitting parts. Advantageous properties makes possible a good use of this pipeline in public utilities as follows: corrosions-proof, little weight, simple laying and handling, scales hardly develop in this pipeline as opposed to traditional steel or iron pipelines. As pipes are made with longer length or in rolls, it is no necessary the frequent lengthening, so occurrence of defects is reduced. In addition the smooth inner surface of the pipes is advantageous to the conditions of water-flow. Application conditions:

  • Operation temperature: 20 °C
  • Max. application temperature: 30 C
  • Pressure ranges:: 
    Size: 25×2, 32×2 Pressure: 6 bar 
    Size : 25×2,3, 32×3, 63×5,8 Pressure: 10 bar

Pipes are not applicable in such files where there are presumable that soil is contaminated by oil or dissolves ( For instance petrol station, assembly workshops, chemical factories etc.). Raw material:

  • material: polyethylene, UV stabilized by carbon black .
  • Type: PS 380-30/302
  • Colour: black
  • Execution: 200 metres long rolls, or according to the customer’s requirements. Minimum inner diameter of the rolls in case of diameter of 25 mm: 700 mm, In case of diameter of 32 mm: 800mm
  • Marking of the pipes: VSZM KPE P6 or P10; nominal outer diameter, nominal wall thickness, quality grade (B), date of production, MSZ 7908/1, number of metres, repeated in every metre.

Technical properties:

  • Density: 0,95 g/cm3
  • Tensile strength at yield: 20 MPa
  • Tensile strength at break: 33 MPa
  • Elongation at break: 600 %
  • Modulus for Elasticity: 690 Mpa
  • Vicat softening point: 120 °C
  • Hardness of Shore D: 61

Material is suitable for purpose of potable water supply in accordance with the permission of the Hungarian Institute for Public Health named “Johan Béla” with No. 257. Product:

  • Nominal operating pressure: the admissible maximum operating pressure at 20 °C is equal to the pressure stage of the pipe in terms of bar: P = 6 bar and P = 10 bar
  • Grade of Quality: “B”
  • Modification in dimension after reheating treatment for 60 minutes at 110 °C:
    Lengthwise: max. 5% 
    Transverse: max. 2,5 %

Resistance to constant inner overpressure satisfy according to the Standard No. MSZ EN 921 . Number of the application permission: KHVM-460

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