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HDPE Protective pipe for cables

Standard: MSZ EN 50086 – 1, MSZ EN 50086 – 2 – 4, IEC 614, MATÁV – PKI – FI MMD 23 – V 23, DIN 8075 Amendment 1

Application field: Conduction and protection of insulated cables and wires in communication networks. The wall of pipes is homogeneous in total length, give protection against easy or normal mechanical bearing force depending on types, so pipe can be laid into a substructure PVC pipe or directly into the ground. Pipe can be bended and formed by hand to a small degree. Pipe can be transported, stored or laid in climate conditions of Hungarian workplaces (-5°C – +60°C). The lifetime of protective pipe could be 30 years respecting the environmental damages and professional settlement.

Material: high density polyethylene (HDPE)

Colour: black

Sign and nominal dimensions of Protective pipe



D min.


d min.






(easy bearing force)






(normal bearing force)






(normal bearing force)






(normal bearing force)




(Except the above mentioned we take upon satisfying individual customers’ requirements)

Pipes for easy bearing force can be laid into substructure PVC pipes, pipes for normal bearing force directly to ground.

Execution: in 250 metres rolls, or after request in 6 m long pieces.

Quality characters:


Density: 0,94 g/cm3

Flowing index: 0,5 – 3,0 g/ 10 Min. (190°C/ 5 kg)

Elasticity modulus: ~ 600 N/mm2

Coefficient of thermal expansion: 2×10-4 K-1

Carbon content: 2,5 ± 0.5 %

The material does not content any additive hindering burning.

Finished product:

Crushing strength :

A least 5 % diameter’s reduction pressure exerted:

  • Type of 250: – 32×2 250 N
  • Type of 450: – 40×3 and 50×3,6 450 N
  • Type of 750: – 50×4,6 750 N

Shatter proof:

The protective pipe meets the requirements of Standard:

  • For easy bearing force: 3 J
  • For normal bearing force: 15 J

Pressure proof:

  • For types of 32×2, 40×3 and 50×3,6: PN 6 bar
  • For type of 50×4,6: PN 10 bar


  • The smallest bending radius (R)
  • Above 20°C 1000 mm
  • On 0°C 2500 mm
  • On 5°C 5000 mm

Electrical strength:

The tested outgoing current is smaller than 100 mA / 2000 V / 15 Min.

Isolation resistance: bigger thank 100MOhm

Thermal characters:

Medium relative change in length is less than 3 %

Resistance to flame expansion: not resistance

Protection against outer damages:

The chemical quality of the pipe meets the requirements of Standard DIN 8075 with No.1. supplement.

Electromagnetic compatibility:

In proper use a passive component.

Suggestion for cable laying:

  • By transporting and storing pipe should be protected from any damages, soiling.
  • Elements of pipe lengthening and binding should assure the same protection at binding places like in the pipes.
  • Pipes for easy bearing forces are suggested to lay into PVC substructure pipe or repair pit. Laying directly into ground is not permitted. Compactness of pipes should be controlled by compression test before cable-threading.
  • Pipes for normal bearing for cab be laid into the homogeneous pipe valley of sand or sifted earth in 0,3 m thick. Compactness of pipes should be controlled by compression test before cable-threading.
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