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Plastic Profiles

Application field: Extruded plastic profiles are developed for the building- and furniture industry as structural and decorative elements replacing previous wood and metal accessories. 

They have several advantage against traditional materials, where those are applicable:

  • weightless 
  • directly applicable without any treatment
  • make easy the construction
  • flexible, can be nailed and screwed
  • resistance to aging and weather, does not need colouring and maintenance
  • can be produced in optional colour
  • in connection with bigger production the price is low 
  • application or construction does not need any expertness or qualification

Profiles for the furniture industry:

DescriptionsPurchase No (label No.)Raw material
34 mm lock stank cover3902rigid PVC
39 mm lock stank cover3903rigid PVC
Rabbet-ledge covering from dust3625rigid PVC
Glass sliding underneath (depthless)3626rigid PVC
Glass sliding overhead (deep)3627rigid PVC
Edge lath for backside3631rigid PVC

Profiles for other applications:

DescriptionsPurchase No (label No.)Raw material
Paper binder4843rigid PVC
d=5 mm PVC flex5289rigid PVC
Paper binder6107rigid PVC

Colour: according to customers’ requirements.

Execution: length after demand, but bundled maximum 25 kg.

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