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Polyolefin laryngeal tubes

Standard: VSZM TS 03.3/2004

Area of ​​use:

  • Mechanical protection and cavity formation of the heating pipes of utility cold and hot water pipes and central heating systems with radiators in order to withstand thermal expansion without damage, the installation of the water pipes is done by pulling them into the throat pipe
  • Construction and provision of construction industry cavities

Material: Polyolefin

Color: blue, red or colored in material based on the customer’s request

Packaging: in rolls of 100 m

Nominal size:

  • Ø 20, 22/23, 29 mm – standard sizes
  • Ø 12, 16, 17 mm – sizes according to customer requirements

VSZM AS 10/96, VSZM AS 12/96, VSZM AS 13/96, VSZM AS 16/96

Dimensions: according to VSZM TS 03.3/2004

Wall thickness: 0.5 mm ± 0.15 mm

Compressive strength: under a compressive force of 320 N, the permanent flattening is less than 10% of the outer diameter, the reduction of the outer diameter is less than 25%, no cracks are visible on the pipe surface.

Impact resistance: adequate if at least 9 out of 12 test specimens are not damaged or suffer deformation affecting their use in the event of an impact stress of 1 J.

Bendability: suitable if no cracks occur on the test specimen under the prescribed bending stress.

Electrical properties: polyolefin throat tubes are electrically insulating

Thermal properties: delivery and installation range -5°C to +60°C. Behavior against flame is typical of olefins, i.e. it does not spread flame, it does not continue to burn after the ignition source is removed.

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