Supporting, crossover and connecting insulator

Connecting insulator

Type: KT – 4 – 125

Standard: VSZM TS 05.3 / 99

Application field: In a network on 24 kV nominal voltage it is used for cable supporting and operating part of column switch section.

Material: Epoxy casting resin filled with silica flour (for outdoor application)

Dimensions and shaping:

According to picture of ÖF 6300

Typical technical data (Description) KT – 4 – 125
Product number ÖF 6300
Nominal voltagekV24
Test voltage for industrial frequencykV/1’50
Shock voltage – testkV125
Nominal long of leakage currentmm600
Minimal bending crumbling force on 20oCN4000
Frame dimensions: bottom partmm65
Head part diametermm60
Number of ribspcs10
Dimension of threaded cast inserted into the bottom M10
Dimension of threaded cast inserted into the head M8
Number of threaded cast inserted into the headpcs2
Nominal mass of insulatorkg2,17

Execution: in cartons

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